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Rectangular gazebo plans free

If you want a quick and an unique way to enhance the look of your garden, you should consider building a rectangular gazebo. From our experience, a rectangular gazebo is a more complex structure as compared to a square gazebo or a patio pergola, but it most certainly looks more exquisite and adds value to any property. 

First of all, you need to choose proper rectangular gazebo plans and use professional tools. In order to get the job done as a professional, we recommend you to set the posts into concrete, according to your local building codes. Use batter boards and string, if you want to lay out the gazebo as a professional. In addition, plumb the posts with a spirit level as to get a proper result. 


Attach the joists into place and lock them into place with galvanized screws. Drill pilot holes, to prevent the wood from splitting. In addition, we recommend you to use metal joist hangers, as to get strong joints. 

Building the roof for a rectangular gazebo is not difficult, but it will most likely challenge your woodworking skills. It is necessary to align all the components at both ends and to plan everything form the very beginning. 

Cover the roof decking with tar paper and install asphalt shingles. After getting the job done, we strongly recommend you to apply a few coats of paint over the components, as to protect them from decay. 

Alternatively, you could build a square gazebo, as it doesn’t require the same amount of work or carpentry skills. If you have an average expertise in the field and a limited budget, a square gazebo is the right choice. 

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